Price Increase on Belfast Service Fares Commencing April 2019

Unfortunately, due to an increase on running costs, WIFI etc we have been forced to slightly increase our fares in order to maintain our high-quality services. This will be put into place from April 2019.

We strongly appreciate the support from all our loyal customers that have been travelling with us over the years and as a token of our appreciation we have introduced a new Commuter Card. Not only is this a more efficient way to travel, but we can ensure all customers who register for one will continue to pay the old fare prices until the end of December 2019. (Please see link below for updated price list) Updated-Belfast-service-price-list (1)

More details about the Commuter Card are attached and please find the link on our website demonstrating step-by-step how to register, request and top up your commuter card!

Also, we are still fighting for approval for the new proposed timetable, despite the continuous resistance from Translink and The Department of Infrastructure – so please bear with us!


Thank you for your understanding!

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